Legendary Game Services

The team at MadGlory has been creating game services since the first console game came online. FAST FORWARD FIFTEEN YEARS, and we have launch experience on every major gaming console.

Our Story So Far...


Founded in 2012 by a team of engineers whose passion is in game services, MadGlory is a team of gamers, developers and designers who now work on their favorite games. First cutting their teeth at AGORA GAMES and MAJOR LEAGUE GAMING, the team has been building game services for AAA studios and developers for almost 20 years.

There are no closed doors at MadGlory, just open lobbies. The team strives for intelligence, passion for getting things done, and open-mindedness. MadGlory values professional and personal development, and team members who want to improve and learn new skills.

Our Story So Far...


MadGlory has been trusted to build tools and services for Game of the Year AAA titles and franchises with the largest player bases in the world. From mobile games, to PC titles, to console wars, the team is battle tested and victory proven.

The world is not enough; MadGlory scales it’s work at a global level (and one day, beyond!). MadGlory has built services which were previously believed to be impossible. MadGlory will make it work and shipping is in their DNA. Smart work and hard work make up the core of MadGlory. Value is derived with efficiency and well thought through distribution of resources.

Our Story So Far...


The team at MadGlory has grown organically through it's network of previous projects, partners, and achievements earned and unlocked. The studio is based in Saratoga Springs, NY; the epicenter between Montreal, Boston, and New York City.

Jet-setting is second nature; MadGlory are pavement nomads. You can bump shoulders with them from LA to NY to Europe to Asia. Over the course of their growth they've formed relationships with countless studios including Riot Games, Epic Games, Bethesda, Super Evil Megacorp, BossKey, Warner Bros, Electronic Arts and more.

Our Story So Far...


The growth of esports is steamrolling, and MadGlory remains on the bleeding edge of what technology can do to grow this global phenomenon. With in game features, game services and tools, and Gamelocker game data API, MadGlory is ready to continue pushing the limit of what games and their communities can accomplish.

By putting players and communities first, MadGlory and its developer and publisher partners are taking gaming out of bedrooms and basements, and raising it to the world main stage. Level up with MadGlory!



  • Founded in 2012
  • Games at heart
  • two decades of experience
Leveling Up


  • Work with AAA titles
  • Large player bases
  • Console, PC and mobile


  • Global presence
  • Our clients
  • Located in NY

The Future

  • Empowering communities
  • Game data API
  • eSports growth

So what do people usually ask us to do?

Great Question. We collaborate with game publishers and developers to create memorable digital experiences.

Chat Platforms

Real-time Text & Voice Chat / Party & Lobby Management

Game Clients

Web Based or Console Integration / Developer Portals

Marketing & Creative

Teaser or Launch Site Design & Dev / Brand Strategies


Data-Driven Tournaments / Esports Broadcast Engine

Player Data Services

Achievement Management Engine / Telemetry Capture & Analysis

Profile Services

Achievement Management Engine

Our team has worked on over 100 titles

Below is just some of our recent work.

Perfecting a beer to coffee ratio for 2 decades

With over 100 years experience combined in the industry and gamers at heart, we stand ready to answer your call.

Brian Corrigan

Principal Engineer

Clarke Foley

Dir. of Operations

Tom Carmona

Director of Biz Dev

Josh Cookfair

Creative Director

Nick Kaloyeros

Biz Dev / Design

Kirk Becker

Senior Engineer

Andy Polidore

Biz Dev / Engineer

Yuliya Peshkova


Brennan Frydl

Senior Engineer

Jeff Cutler

Senior Engineer

Richard Hall

Senior Engineer

Beau Watson


Tom Quackenbush

Senior Engineer

Scott Glasser


Dan Pallas


Kenny Day


Matt Banks


Clay Forbes


Maynard Price


Kory Scharn


Randy DeSouto