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PUBG Corp. and MadGlory Introduce the Launch of the PUBG Developer API

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA – March 12, 2018 – PUBG Corp. today announced the acquisition of online service developer, MadGlory, as part of their continued effort to enhance the playing and viewing experiences for PUBG players. As one of only a few independent studios that specializes in bespoke online features, MadGlory, now known as PUBG MadGlory, and PUBG Corp. will work together to help build a wide range of new features as well as a suite of tools that let community developers extend the in-game experience.

“We’re excited to welcome MadGlory under the PUBG Corp. umbrella as we look to work together in developing and building a wide variety of platforms and systems for PUBG,” said Juhyeon Kim, VP & Director of Intelligent Service Development, PUBG Corp.

MadGlory is known for their work creating custom matchmaking engines, tournament platforms, party systems, open game APIs and eSports portals for many of the biggest games in the industry.

“When you mix a uniquely talented studio with millions of passionate players you get something truly special,” says Brian Corrigan, Founder/CEO of MadGlory. “We are excited and humbled to join the ranks of the PUBG Corporation and we look forward to helping shape the future of PUBG!”

Together, PUBG Corp. and PUBG MadGlory are launching a PUBG Developer Portal, as a place for community developers to create tools, websites and add-ons that leverage the data and APIs from PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. The Developer Portal Sign-Up page is now open, with Closed Beta keys to be sent out on March 19 and the official Developer Portal launch to the public on April 2.

Through the Early Access Program (EAP), select developers will receive access to the PUBG API, before it opens to the public. EAP members will have full access to PUBG data, direct access to developer support, and the opportunity to shape the future of open data with PUBG Corp.

To submit your request to the Early Access Program, please follow the link listed below. If selected into the Early Access program, emailed instructions will be shared for accessing the API key. The Developer API will open to the public in April. Additional information is detailed in the FAQ section of the Developer Portal website.

About MadGlory

With over 10 years of niche expertise in gaming, the team at Madglory is well versed in launching feature-rich, planet-scale services to over 200 million players each year. They provide in-game and companion products for some of the biggest names in gaming including Riot Games, Bethesda, Psyonix, Super Evil Megacorp and WB Games. Their suite of customizable tools provides studios and publishers with a variety of network features including matchmaking, tournament engines, game chat, marketing, telemetry, and more. MadGlory is based in Saratoga Springs, NY. For more information, visit

About PUBG Corp.

PUBG Corp. is a Seoul, Korea-based studio focused entirely on development and business opportunities for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, and was formed as a subsidiary of Bluehole in early 2017. Catapulting onto the scene, PUBG has captured global attention, shattering multiple world records, winning industry awards, and continuing to grow and foster its multi-million user fanbase. For more information, visit

About Bluehole

Founded in 2007 and based in Korea, Bluehole is the developer of the popular action MMORPG, TERA, which has attracted over 25 million registered users worldwide. TERA is live in seven different territories including North America, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Europe and Russia and has reached the #1 spot on Steam’s MMORPG charts. Having achieved high standards and worldwide recognition for its online roleplaying games, the studio has also expanded into the mobile gaming market. For more information, visit

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